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David Bowie - Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
7 December 1978

Audio Source: Audience

Seeing Halloween Jack's upload of the 6 December 1978 show reminded me that
I had a copy of the following night's show. I looked out the cassettes, gave
them a play and thought the quality of this is pretty good. Listening to the
show I was convinced that it was worthy of a transfer. However I am in no way
as adept as Halloween Jack at tinkering with tapes to bring out the best in
them. So I contacted Jack described what I had and asked him if he wanted to
have a go at remastering them. He said yes and this is what you now have.

Having received the discs from JTC I was pleasantly suprised what a clean and
fresh recording it was with no excessive distortion or rumbling bass.
The discs were very quiet, peaking at about -9db so a bit of volume adjustment
and balancing between channels was required. I removed a tiny bit of hiss and
patched a couple of dropouts at the beginning of Blackout. It was then just
a matter of a general tidy up and a bit of gentle EQ work on the top end
to finish off.
There are two small skips, one in Heroes and the other in Beauty and the Beast
which probably originate from the master tape. No Rebel Rebel but as we know
this was sometimes dropped so quite probably the complete show.

Number of Discs: 2
Artwork: included

Total running time: Disc 1: 44:57 / Disc 2: 56:54


Disc One
01. Warszawa
02. "Heroes"
03. What in The World
04. Be My Wife
05. The Jean Genie
06. Blackout
07. Sense Of Doubt
08. Breaking Glass
09. Fame
10. Beauty And The Beast

Disc Two
01. Band Introductions
02. Five Years
03. Soul Love
04. Star
05. Hang On To Yourself
06. Ziggy Stardust
07. Suffragette City
08. Art Decade
09. Alabama Song
10. Station to Station
11. TVC 15
12. Stay

Download this bootleg here

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