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Band: David Bowie
Venue: The Paramount Theater
Location: Seattle, WA
Date: 01-25-2004

Recorded by Basshead02

Disc 1
01 Rebel Rebel
02 New Killer Star
03 Reality
04 Fame
05 Cactus
06 All the Young Dudes
07 China Girl
08 Ive Been Waiting for You
09 Days
10 A New Career IN A New Town
11 Breaking Glass
12 Be My Wife
13 Always Crashing in the Same Car
14 The Man Who Sold The World
15 Halo Spaceboy
16 SUnday

Disc 2
01 Under PRessure
02 Life On Mars?
03 Panic IN Detroit
04 Ashes To Ashes
05 White Light, White Heat
06 Im Afraid of Americans
07 Heroes
08 Encore Break
09 Blue Jean
10 Hang Onto Yourself
11 Five Years
12 Suffragette City
13 Ziggy Stardust

This was a great show, and such an awesome touring band. Bowie never has trouble filling in his tour roster, but this is the perfect balance of his old to their new. Gail Ann Dorsey, Earl Slick and a slew of other great players. Cactus shows that dirty Bowie that feels so much like Tin Machine. The Life on Mars is one of the best ive heard. Blue Jean I had never heard live. Halo Spaceboy!!! You forget that Bowie is in his late fifties!..I could go on, but its all worth a listen.

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