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David Bowie - Save The Children [SBD/FLAC]


50th Birthday Benefit Concert
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, US
9th January 1997

Disc 1

01. Little Wonder
02. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
03. Scary Monsters (w/ Frank Black)
04. Fashion (w/ Frank Black)
05. Telling Lies
06. Hallo Spaceboy (w/ The FooFighters)
07. Seven Years In Tibet (w/ The FooFighters)
08. The Man Who Sold The World
09. The Last Thing You Should Do (w/ Robert Smith)
10. Quicksand (w/ Robert Smith)
11. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
12. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
13. I'm Afraid of Americans (w/ Sonic Youth)
14. Looking For Satellites

Disc 2

01. Under Pressure
02. "Heroes"
03. Queen Bitch (w/ Lou Reed)
04. Waiting For The Man (w/ Lou Reed)
05. Dirty Boulevard (w/ Lou Reed)
06. White Light White Heat (w/ Lou Reed)
07. Moonage Daydream
08. Happy Birthday
09. All The Young Dudes (w/ Billy Corgan)
10. The Jean Genie (w/ Billy Corgan)
11. Space Oddity
12. Little Wonder (Recorded In Paris, Canal+ 17th February 1997)
13. Telling Lies (Recorded In Paris, Canal+ 17th February 1997)


The files have been split with HJSplit, if you do not have it, you can download it from
It is a lightweight application that requires no installation
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