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These links were posted over on by hodel_05. Thanks for sharing!

I noticed this show had also been put up by itsjustme last year but those links are now dead.

This one is definitely worth grabbing - the quality is outstanding!

David Bowie - 1983-07-13 - Montreal [SBD]

This is from the great "Serious Moonlight" - Tour 1983.

Excellent Soundboard!

Awsome Setlist:

01. Look Back In Anger
02. Breaking Glass
03. Scary Monsters
04. Rebel Rebel
05. 'Heroes'
06. What In The World
07. Life On Mars
08. Sorrow
09. Golden Years
10. Fashion
11. Let's Dance
12. Red Sails
13. China Girl
14. White Light, White Heat
15. Station To Station
16. Cracked Actor
17. Ashes To Ashes
18. Space Oddity
19. Band Intro
20. Young Americans
21. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
22. Tvc 15
23. Fame
24. Star
25. Stay
26. The Jean Genie
27. I Can't Explain
28. Modern Love


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Thanks for this one! I actually saw Bowie in Philly via a deluxe package deal a buddy got me in on at the Spectrum. I really enjoyed it. I thought the serious moonlight was a 1990's tour, but then again...what's my name? do I come here often? Sometimes we forget!
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