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David Gates & Bread
The Flamingo Hilton
Las Vegas, NV
July 5, 1997
AUD 9/10

David Gates - Vocals, Guitar
James Griffin - Guitar, Vocals
Larry Knechtel - Keyboards, Piano, Guitar
Mike Botts - Drums, Vocals
Scott Chambers - Bass
Randy Flowers - Lead Guitar

In 1996, after several years of inactivity, the members of the "classic" line-up of Bread (David Gates, Jimmy Griffin, Larry Knechtel & Mike Botts) decided to bury their respective hatchets and go on the road for perhaps the last time. The response to the reunion was so favorable, the tour was extended into the fall of 1997, and they were asked to come to places like South America, Japan, Australia and Europe.

One of their stops on the North American leg of the tour was at the Flamingo Hilton- right on the strip of Las Vegas, and one of the oldest casinos- not located in downtown- still in existence there. They played to a sold out, enthusiastic, yet well behaved and courteous crowd. They played all their big hits, some deeper tracks for the hardcore fans, a solo track or two, and some new songs as well resulting in a nice mix of songs.

This would prove to be the last hurrah for Bread. After the tour ended, the group went their separate ways again and in 2005 both James Griffin and Mike Botts died from cancer at age 61.

I recorded this show myself; I was about 12 rows back on the left side of the stage, pretty close to the PA speaker, so the sound isn't bad. The ballroom that they played in was big and hollow with high ceilings, so the drums, which weren't miked, sound big and echoey. It doesn't take away from show, though. It's still a great concert and I have very fond memories of seeing Bread while being in Las Vegas for my very first time.

Lineage: Sony D7 DAT w/ Sony ECM-909A MS Stereo microphone > SoundEdit16 on Mac G3 > AIFF > Kodak Gold 80 CD-R > Mp3 @ 192 kbps > WinZip > Megaupload > you.

Artwork attached below.

Track List:
Disc One:
01 Make It With You
02 Look What You've Done
03 It Don't Matter To Me
04 Diary
05 Love Is Only Seventeen
06 Fancy Dancer
07 For All We Know_Bridge Over Troubled Water
08 Baby I'm-A Want You
09 Precious Love
10 Sweet Surrender
11 Just Say When
12 Mirror, Mirror
13 Didn't Even Know Her Name
14 Too Much Love
15 The Wait
16 Aubrey
17 The Guitar Man
18 The Goodbye Girl

Disc Two:
01 Love And Bide
02 Lost Without Your Love
03 Mother Freedom
04 Everything I Own
05 If

Enjoy! :rock:


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DUDE, this rocks. I had Costa Mesa, and loved it till now, this skunks Costa Mesa by a mile. Clearer sound, almost sbd quality. Poor James Griffin, he had the best voice in rock music, and got overlooked. The way he sings BOTW is ten times better than Garfartle. And the new Bread songs were great. "What brings you here, after all of this time...." I like the way James calls David "My partner David" for guys who had previously sued each other. Thank you, thank you.

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Thank YOU !!! Anyone have any early 70's boots of the band to share ? 1972 in Washington DC is the one I'm after ...

Note: Oh no ! Hang on ... found it on this site ! That'll teach me to look first ... :p

Okay...I admit: I'm a closet Bread fan.
Thank You For This Post!
(An interesting segue to try for your gym-mp3 list: Baby I'm A Want You into Enter Sandman...the clash is very cool):yummy:
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