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Looking for a 2 CD set of David Johansen demos. I used to have this a long time ago but lost it and it seems almost impossible to find again. If anyone has it and can upload it I would be eternally grateful.

It contains some demos from the "dollettes" period of the NY dolls, including this gem, "It's On Fire" which is on YouTube ( Also contains David Johansen demos from the late 70s and early 80s.

This is a tracklist I found through a google search from someones long defunct trade list site. This is practically the only mention I can find of this set online.

David Johansen – Demos (2 CD) (CD-R Copy)
Disk 1: Demos 77-79: Flowers, The Grind, Oh Baby Oh Baby, When I Dance With You, Taxi, Need Somebody, Downtown Dream, Circus, It’s on Fire, Reach Out, Can’t Get You, Come on Baby, E7, Frenchette, What Did She Do
Disk 2: Demos 6/21-23/77: Not That Much, Donna, Lonely Tenement, Girls, Pay the Devil, Gimme a Pigfoot, I’m a Lover, Slip Away, Funky but Chic. Demos 1982: I’m So Handsome, The Closer I Get, You Can’t Look Back, Worst Beer. Live on Conan O’Brien 90’s: Funky But Chic, Interview
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