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Not sure when or how Jason's copy (which seems to have originated from me) got compressed, but here are the original FLACs I ripped from Pat's cassette. I can guarantee these are lossless. In addition to the aforementioned show, I added a couple show fragments as bonuses at the end. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Pat AKA electric for providing all three shows!

December 31, 1978 @ the Masque, Los Angeles, CA (AUD, B+)
1. Introduction
2. Forward to Death
3. Kill the Poor
4. Kepone Kids
5. Dreadlocks of the Suburbs
6. Your Emotions
7. Straight A's
8. Police Truck
9. Gaslight
10. Short Songs
11. The Man With the Dogs
12. Ill in the Head
13. I Kill Children
14. Holiday in Cambodia

August 1983 @ Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (AUD, B-)
15. Introduction
16. Straight A's
17. Life Sentence

December 13, 1982 @ Alabama Hall, Munich, Germany (SBD?, B)
18. I Am the Owl
19. Too Drunk to Fuck
20. Kill the Poor
21. Let's Lynch the Landlord

Enjoy, and don't convert shit to MP3, it's a pain in the ass!
dalmar6677-1978-12-31-Dead Kennedys-Masque, Los Angeles RESEED 2008.rar - FileFactory, Los Angeles RESEED 2008.rar
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