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Dead Kennedys

Les Baines Douches

21 October 1980

Edit of this torrent - :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 :: Login

Audience recording of the Dead Kennedy's show at Les Baines Douches, Paris, on 21 October 1980. It's lacking in treble and overall clarity, but it is pretty good overall, with a good immediacy and well-balanced sound. The show was recorded for French radio, and at least some of it was broadcast. It's a great show - mostly from the first album, it's a lot of fun. The original version has been edited as follows -

Seven-second intro (if you can call it that) faded in and merged into "Forward to Death"
Track 4 - intro to "Kill the poor" moved to start of 6.
Track 5 - intro moved to start of this track, gap before start edited out (the start is still a bit abrupt)
Track 6 - gap at 0:50 edited out - I was so pleased with this edit that I decided to share it!
Track 8 - gap edited out using same musical phrase from elsewhere and normalising the volume as it fades back in. It isn't noticeable except for a bit more hiss where the volume has been raised a lot.
Tracks 12-14 - Right channel on original cuts out at 2:40 of "I kill Children", returns for a second at 3:05, then cuts out again for the rest of the show. The left channel has been used on both sides where this occurs. Fade out at very end.

Lineage: unknown AUD > CD > EAC v0.99 prebeta 4 (secure mode) > WavMerge 2.1 > CDWAV 1.97 > Audacity 1.2.6 > wav > Nero > wav > flac

1. Forward to Death 1:51
2. Man with the Dogs 2:23
3. When ya get Drafted 2:03
4. Stealing People's Mail 1:38
5. Kill the Poor 2:50
6. Your Emotions 2:13
7. California Uber Alles 3:10
8. Halloween 4:03
9. Police Truck 2:46
10. Too Drunk to Fuck 2:57
11. Holiday in Cambodia 4:16
12. I Kill Children 3:07
13. Let's Lynch the Landlord 2:14
14. Chemical Warfare 4:14

Total 39:52

Thanks to nooch for the original torrent!

Original notes:
"Transferred by Mike Singal
"Retracked by nooch

"special thanks to micrgram for hooking me up with a copy of this recording

"1) There is a cut in front of Kill The Poor, making it unclear how much of the show is missing.

"2) There is a 5-6 second cut towards the end of Halloween.

"seeded by nooch on dime and the zomb 03/01/2009"

dalmar6677-1980-10-21-Dead Kennedys-Les Baines Douches, Paris, France (Reseed).rar - FileFactory
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