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Dead Kennedys
live at Emerson College
Boston, Massachusetts USA
May 02, 1981
soundboard tape, first gen copy
2008 transfer and seed by zootype

# November 2014 reseed: audio files renamed but otherwise unaltered #

original notes:

This tape, after spending a few months at the bottom of a tool-box, was given to me years ago by a member of the production crew, along with a handful of other tapes I have yet to deal with, all dirty and damaged to some degree. They've been sitting in a box of junk and old broken mic-clips etc in my various closets, as I've moved several times, ever since - until now (now that I have access to a real computer to use to work on them).

I removed the tape reel from the broken case and put it in another case and was able to transfer it successfully - and I am very pleased with what I found here - a great, funny show by the DKs.

* The taper, a friend of mine, liked to record from the soundboard with an extra mic for the room to fatten up his tapes, but I think it is pretty much an SBD. The audience (those not storming the stage) is pretty distant, there's hum from the lights, and I can hear a limiter kicking in here and there.

+ As far as I know, this is from the only copy of the tape, unless a dub was made before I got it. [EDIT: I have since learned from the taper that this was a dub from the master]

Throughout the set, Jello Biafra is dealing with audience members stting on and running across the stage, grabbing mics and trying to sing along or shout statements reflecting their own world-views, to Jello's amusement and/or's worth a listen just for that interaction..I've tracked it to separate most of those segments from the actual songs.

45:41 minutes

corrected tracklisting [thanks to psychomex]

01 - intro - Jello remarks on Bobby Sands etc 1:32
02 - "you dumb fucks..." - 0:37
03 - Kill the Poor 2:38
04 - When You Get Drafted 1:15
05 - In-Sight 1:35
06 - "ever wonder why you go to school?.." 1:10
07 - Buzzbomb 2:33
08 - Let's Lynch the Landlord 1:58
09 - "ah-ha!..move back.." 0:49
10 - Terminal Preppie 1:47
11 - "alright, meditators..." 1:07
12 - Drug Me 1:48
13 - California Uber Alles 4:48
14 - Police Truck/Bleed For Me 7:24
15 - Short Songs 0:23
16 - Holiday In Cambodia 3:25
17 - "let go of the mic cord!" 3:12
18 - Moral Majority 1:02
19 - "you're with me, huh..." 1:17
20 - Too Drunk to Fuck 2:59
21 - "Amy Vanderbilt's bra".. 2:12

note: track 1 was located on the other side of the tape with the Outlets' set - I don't know where in the show it occurred but since it works as an intro I put it first.
Also, I can't say whether or not this is the complete show - this is everything I have.

Source/lineage: sounboard tape>first gen cassette copy>>PC>WAV>tracked and edited in Audacity with minimal meddling to knock down a few instances of clipping and do a little volume leveling>WAVs>SBEs repaired, FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

November reseed notes:
FLAC files renamed but otherwise unaltered, new checksum files created an this info file revised.

A Zootype project September 2008 - November 2014

Up with Lo-Fi!
101-Dead Kennedys-Emerson College Boston-1981-05-02-intro.flac:8d0d6aacc5af1ad793a2fdac0847e153
102-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-you dumb fucks.flac:204127c0aff0dbf458a125dc277c8272
103-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Kill the Poor.flac:dadca44fb4c4dd41277be89370f10ed7
104-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-When You Get Drafted.flac:bf012c84ff727481658d0311bf6e0ee6
105-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-In-Sight.flac:f40f02d9049e2240f8785332d7adcf82
106-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-ever wonder why you go to school.flac:03897dcf9ff51d933ccc057bee733e50
107-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Buzzbomb.flac:3f6e16dbfbac09c6ff77bd7f0ed51318
108-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Lets Lynch the Landlord.flac:fc2785d8b3663cbe207a3b52c0fb9851
109-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-ah-ha..move back.flac:863ed2fd34ebd5ecb327595f08490c28
110-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Terminal Preppie.flac:53ee0a4777e61aa438c2042c22ad1e9d
111-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-alright meditators.flac:95908073476e045be0849e30c97bb2ba
112-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Drug Me.flac:2a68332f7750da6793c5e98ed358b450
113-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-California Uber Alles.flac:f1c450617dc0afd926786d809da36b76
114-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Police Truck-Bleed For Me.flac:77f527be2522349ec7ed64865ccfee12
115-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Short Songs.flac:80eb484340c9c1246dd6539f86fff0c3
116-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Holiday In Cambodia.flac:9dcb50beb1acdfb786bc6aff4c318ff1
117-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-let go of the mic cord.flac:f69ccd5579ad3cabcd14f3f3202bdcff
118-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Moral Majority.flac:dfed3fd8d9e4e7e78b203c02ce7b5c2b
119-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-youre with me huh.flac:ae82d6576f922d2cc3b8427b37598dc4
120-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Too Drunk to Fuck.flac:59e9835b4baecf74bcf8adfe7eabffc2
121-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Amy Vanderbilts bra.flac:fc3c0add664cc5c179eac73107d42b5b
8d0d6aacc5af1ad793a2fdac0847e153 [shntool] 101-Dead Kennedys-Emerson College Boston-1981-05-02-intro.flac
204127c0aff0dbf458a125dc277c8272 [shntool] 102-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-you dumb fucks.flac
dadca44fb4c4dd41277be89370f10ed7 [shntool] 103-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Kill the Poor.flac
bf012c84ff727481658d0311bf6e0ee6 [shntool] 104-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-When You Get Drafted.flac
f40f02d9049e2240f8785332d7adcf82 [shntool] 105-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-In-Sight.flac
03897dcf9ff51d933ccc057bee733e50 [shntool] 106-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-ever wonder why you go to school.flac
3f6e16dbfbac09c6ff77bd7f0ed51318 [shntool] 107-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Buzzbomb.flac
fc2785d8b3663cbe207a3b52c0fb9851 [shntool] 108-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Lets Lynch the Landlord.flac
863ed2fd34ebd5ecb327595f08490c28 [shntool] 109-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-ah-ha..move back.flac
53ee0a4777e61aa438c2042c22ad1e9d [shntool] 110-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Terminal Preppie.flac
95908073476e045be0849e30c97bb2ba [shntool] 111-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-alright meditators.flac
2a68332f7750da6793c5e98ed358b450 [shntool] 112-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Drug Me.flac
f1c450617dc0afd926786d809da36b76 [shntool] 113-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-California Uber Alles.flac
77f527be2522349ec7ed64865ccfee12 [shntool] 114-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Police Truck-Bleed For Me.flac
80eb484340c9c1246dd6539f86fff0c3 [shntool] 115-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Short Songs.flac
9dcb50beb1acdfb786bc6aff4c318ff1 [shntool] 116-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Holiday In Cambodia.flac
f69ccd5579ad3cabcd14f3f3202bdcff [shntool] 117-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-let go of the mic cord.flac
dfed3fd8d9e4e7e78b203c02ce7b5c2b [shntool] 118-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Moral Majority.flac
ae82d6576f922d2cc3b8427b37598dc4 [shntool] 119-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-youre with me huh.flac
59e9835b4baecf74bcf8adfe7eabffc2 [shntool] 120-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Too Drunk to Fuck.flac
fc3c0add664cc5c179eac73107d42b5b [shntool] 121-Dead Kennedys-Boston-1981-05-02-Amy Vanderbilts bra.flac

dalmar6677-1981-05-02-Dead Kennedys-Emerson Coillege Boston-SBD.rar - FileFactory Coillege Boston-SBD.rar
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