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Dead Kennedys
City Gardens
Trenton, NJ
April 28th, 1985

SBD>Sony WMD6c(m)>AN(1) Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>CD Wave>flac (level 8)

1) >intro<
2) Goons of Hazard
3) Man with the Dogs
4) Hop with the Jet Set
5) Dear Abby
6) >chat<
7) When Ya Get Drafted
8) >chat
9) Do the Slag
10) This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)
11) I Am the Owl
12) MTV Get Off the Air
13) Buzzbomb
14) I Spy
15) >chat<
16) Life Sentence
17) >chat<
18) Jock-o-Rama
19) >chat<
20) …California Uber Alles (tape flip)
21) California Uber Alles (cont)
22) Chicken Farm
23) >chat<
24) Macho Insecurity
25) Bleed for Me
26) >chat<
27) Police Truck
28) >thanks for coming<

Original notes from notsaved-

"We’re back again to bring ya some more of billydee’s masters and rarities from his collection!

The audience master of this show was sent with the last batch, however, Mr dee thought he had a SBD patch of the show and requested I hold off until he could verify…turns out, he did!...

The audience recording was good enough, but the SBD is downright incredible…rarely do ya find a SBD mix that is spot on as this one is…great stuff…though he is not quite sure who ran the patch, best guesstimates is 1st gen...i can't imagine it being higher than that,'s yummy!...

Upon further listening to the SBD, I realized that "California Uber Alles" was cut up a bit, the complete song is on the AUD source….i also noticed that the SBD contains the last track, “Police Truck” which is cut off on the AUD source…

Both recordings have their merit, and rather than cut up the masters and give ya the missing bits, billydee and i came to the conclusion that the best way to do it is to give it all to ya and let you do what you will with them…

So here it is...ENJOY!

remember, though…

Please Do NOT sell
Please Do Not Disseminate in MP3 Format


From billydee on 2-17-16-

So this is the soundboard only, which as stated above is (most likely) a 1st generation copy. The first time this show was upped it also included the audience recording files. That said I have generated a new FFP file but the FLAC files are untouched.
All thanks go to notsaved for getting this out there in 2010.
And as mentioned previously, Enjoy!

dalmar6677-1985-04-28-Dead Kennedys-City Gardens, Trenton, NJ (SBD).rar - FileFactory Gardens, Trenton, NJ (SBD).rar
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