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Death Valley Blues Part 2(featuring James'Steady Roll'Johnson III)(Swampy-Campy-Vamp remix)

Produced by Lightnin' Slim III & Whispering Smith III
Co-Produced by James"Crutch"Crutchfield III & Compton Jones III
Inspiration from Arthur"Big Boy"Crudup & Howlin' Wolf & Floyd Jones
Good Vibes by Jesse Mae Hemphill & Jessie"Lone Cat"Fuller

Billiken Johnson III live at The Hippodrome 6/24/2016 !!!

I'm just returning from down Death Valley
Where there tombstones and dry bones
Yes I'm just from down Death Valley
Been where tombstones and dry bones
That's where I want you to bury my body
Darlin' when I'm dead and gone

I wanna be six foot deep darlin'
With my arms across my chest
Mmmm six feet baby
With my arms across my chest
I don't want nobody weepin' and moanin' darlin'
Cause po' Lightnin' be gone to rest

All right let's blow awhile son...

Now when I'm dead and gone darlin'
Baby please don't wear no black
I don't want you to wear no black
Cause if you do darlin'
Po' Lightnin' he might come sneakin' back

Well well well...have no fear, Billiken's heeya...servin' up some hot licks from the rhythm kitchen...the blues kitchen...grab a rockin' chair on the rickety ol' porch...dip some snuff...pull you a swig or 3 of some backwoods Tennessee white lightnin'...get ready! ain't ready!...this heeya's the swamp blues you can use, y'all...get it!...can't you jus' hear the oil oozlin' out of them speakers?...layin' it down with a ton of coal soul!...well well well...fasten yo seatbelts, y'all! come them ol' gutbucket, backporch swamp stomp blues!!!

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