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Deborah Harry
The World
New York, NY

November 10, 1989

The Stonecutter Collection [Vol 21]

Source: Sony ecm-909 or ecm-929 mic > Sony WM-D6c (Maxell XLII-S)

Transfer: Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 6

Traders Den 5/13/15

Transferred, Channels Balanced and Tracked by kingrue upload 482


This was the first night of a three-night stand at The World.

This comes from Rich's master. Played and Transferred for the first time in over 20 years.

I'm betting there's going to be some fans out there really interested in this one.

This was Debbie's first solo tour away from Blondie, supporting her new album "Def Dumb And Blonde".

Looking through her website shows a full chronological concert history and it's quite interesting to read through.

This torrent includes a scan of the J-card and Cassette Master.

Thanks to Rich for attending and taping. The crowd is rather excited to see her perform.

Samples Provided

Band Members:
Debbie Harry - vocals
Chris Stein - guitar
Leigh Foxx - bass
Jimmy Clark - drums
Karl (?) - guitar
Susie Davis - keyboards

Side A
01 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
02 Dreaming
03 Rapture
04 I Want That Man
05 The Tide Is High
06 Bugeye
07 Heart Of Glass
08 Lovelight
09 Get Your Way
10 Kiss It Better
11 Comic Books

Side B
12 Detroit 442
13 Bike Boy
14 Cautious Lip
15 Brite Side
16 I'm Waiting For The Man
17 Call Me
18 French Kissin' In The USA
19 Forced To Live
20 One Way Or Another

Total Time = 78:43 min





01 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game.flac:10da9cf7ffd27a20c434ad5c294fd624
02 Dreaming.flac:2a293f1a63d03e07c282046533b8f9a9
03 Rapture.flac:ba564b11376971274ef13ff5540948e5
04 I Want That Man.flac:ad0f4d97b924564e4c64229f71e1e991
05 The Tide Is High.flac:96b2a3ddfd11331dda23a02d4c234044
06 Bugeye.flac:6f000bcf7804a18f32016e47c75d8010
07 Heart Of Glass.flac:9b1dfb73b1ffe0cf334c546669e58838
08 Lovelight.flac:cbb43132a20319f950866d5620f986ea
09 Get Your Way.flac:8a1425b0abe69bbcb931609bf2382fc9
10 Kiss It Better.flac:92bd9cab32def5555a6f39203cd653e9
11 Comic Books.flac:c0893757f7bd51b79c9c92f36f1171fc
12 Detroit 442.flac:a6ff5b9de8b502a8fc840de7b60a8ef6
13 Bike Boy.flac:a0bece5342135cfcfa43962b32e64932
14 Cautious Lip.flac:52ee27c5f3503ccd3323de8442bcd30f
15 Brite Side.flac:ee6d755181a92f832779a284d9bae6d4
16 I'm Waiting For The Man.flac:b1434d928d4c9c168226bf9f234c0599
17 Call Me.flac:1e3267b3523890b8f9153151486bc67f
18 French Kissin' In The USA.flac:e2e7222142649c40be3086a4e813b594
19 Forced To Live.flac:d6c004adba6931865a2a9f8ccc639f58
20 One Way Or Another.flac:be6a158f729c4564bdafe091befd9954!j8MiTCgK!zhdk1WgNM7xEMBUEiMzCN9YOw_3a7epc01RyuttFCW8

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Thanks mediaaddict. Also if you come across this show I'd really appreciate it. I've discoverd that Blondie was a kickass band in their prime and have been enjoying some of the boots from that era.
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