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December Contest Entry (Toast)

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I went traditonal with this one, borrowing from the one and only Bing Crosby. Hope you like it.


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Man this was just amazing, awesoem job Toast, Bing wishes he sounded this good, aweosem entry!!:icon_thum :icon_thum :santa: :santa:
More like BLING Crosby man!!! Dude your vox rock man awesome job! Thats why you da man BEOTCH............but I maybe could have gone for just a bit more cowbell!
Listening to this I got a seriously fucked up mental image of you crooning this in a smoking jacket, a la Fred MacMurray, and holding a snifter glass of courvoisier :lol:

Beautifully sung, dude. This one is going on the Xmas cd :thumbup:
Definetly feels alot like Christmas after this one Vanman ! Excellent job my friend !!! :thumbup:
This is great Bing!!!! I mean Ban!! i mean Van!!!!
Lovely performance Toast, i love it...I'll keep this one for my Xmas cd!!!
Great feeling and great voice!!:bowdown: :bowdown:
This is sooooooo beautiful Bob!!!!...I was hoping you would do some Bing!!...This is perfect hun!!!...Lots of feeling in that voice of yours!!!:bowdown: :bowdown:
hell yeah !

this is what i'm talking about ! .. great job toast :thumb:
:santa: I'm speechless. I feel like cryin' man. That was awsome. Haven't heard any christmas songs on the radio, so this one brought back good ol chrimstmas memories. Good job on the vocals.
Thank you all for you kind words. This one was a blast to do.
great job on the vox toast.. excellent entry:icon_thum :bowdown:
sounded awesome. really brought back good memories!!! :icon_thum
I just wanna shed a tear or two........great job on this one VM. The backing vocals were awesome also.:icon_thum:icon_thum:icon_thum
JUST AWESOME as usual!!
Excellent work Toast! This is a keeper:thumbup:
Vocal are spot on. Well recorded. Another pro sounding track. Seeing as it's xmas we should all win. I'm saying this because I think every entry is nothing short of amazing and I just cannot choose a winner.
Another great entry. Loved this one. You are in fine form on this one, VanMan. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Like I say, listened to them all at work at first, and didn't get round to replying to them all.

Great sounding entry !!!

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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