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Deep Purple
Festival Hall

01. Burn
02. Lady Luck
03. Love Child
04. Gettin' Tighter
05. Smoke On The Water
06. Georgia On My Mind
07. Wild Dogs
08. I Need Love (cut)
09. Lazy (incl. keyboard + drum solo)
10. This Time Around
11. Owed To 'G'
12. guitar solo
13. Drifter
14. You Keep On Moving
15. Stormbringer (cut)
16. Highway Star
17. Tommy Bolin interview

Despite its short and ill-fated career, Deep Purple Mark IV with Tommy Bolin on guitar has a certain popularity among the Deep Purple fans. So it wasn't too surprising when PBelle said that DP Mk IV shows are always welcome.

Following this request I'm seeding one of those shows today. I received it on a tape about 15 years ago, sadly I don't know the generation of the tape. I did a comparison with a 2 CDR set from the same show I received from somewhere else, to my ears the tape has slightly better sound. They're both from the same source.

Unfortunately, during the first three minutes the sound is very bad due to tape magnetism problems. The CDRs have the same problem, I don't know whether a copy of the recording without that failure exists. Seems to be a problem of the master tape or an early copy. For the overall quality, please check the sound sample attached to the following entry.

And regrettably, the recording isn't entirely complete. During the second verse of "I Need Love" and the beginning of "Stormbringer" a few seconds are missing. In "Stormbringer" it could be due to a tape flip, but in "I Need Love" the missing part is so short that it can hardly be from flipping or changing a tape. Don't know, perhaps someone made a mistake when copying the tape. The CDRs once again have the same faults.
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