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I have this boot (MP3), but some files are corrupted due to a HDD crash.
Since I cannot find it anywhere I hope somebody can help me.
the info file says:

Miles Davis Hall, Montreux
July 12, 2006

this is a probably uncirculated recording (at least i haven't seen it anywhere until now).

Source: Swiss Radio DRS3 broadcast, July 15, 2006

Lineage: Cable radio > WAV's > FLAC's

Quality: Excellent, except for some radio jingles.

Edited: cut out the dj talk between tracks 9 and 10 (there's an audible transition) and applied a fade-out at the end.

Total running time: 58:47 minutes (incomplete)

md5 checksums and some photos of the Montreux concert are included. no artwork

Setlist: Not too sure; corrections appreciated!
01. Fell On The Floor, Man 5:01
02. Sun Ra 5:52
03. Theme From Turnpike 5:28
04. The Real Sugar 3:59
05. If You Don't Get What You Want 3:58
06. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) 5:09
07. Suds And Soda 5:57
08. Nothing Really Ends 5:45
09. Via 7:35
10. Roses 4:08
11. Pocket Revolution (incomplete, fades out) 4:23

Tom Barman: voc, g
Klaas Janzoons: keys, violin
Mauro Pawlowski: g, backing vocals
Alan Gevaert: b
Stephane Misseghers: dr

recorded, edited and seeded at by zingapoor,
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