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Dexys Midnight Runners - Brouwershaven, De Markt, Holland,
30th June 1981 [Dream Remaster]

Source FM Radio Broadcast

Track List:-

01 - Spiritual Passion
02 - Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
03 - Burn It Down
04 - Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache
05 - Soon
06 - Plan B
07 - Geno
08 - Respect
09 - Until I Believe In My Soul
10 - Show Me
11 - There, There, My Dear
12 - Your Own (Liars A To B)


Tape > TEAC V1050 > EDIROL09 > pc > Goldwave > TLH -> FLAC

Remaster Notes:-

This came from T.U.B.E. via guitars 101 the original is here:
Nice FM recording for 1981, stood the test of time well.
Needed some restoration & very gentle remastering touches.
Did some edits & tidying up.
Biggest issue was a gap in "Plan B" at 17 seconds in,
fixed it up best I could sounds better than the gap that was there but not 100%.
Passes by so fast it isn't really an issue, but thought I had better point it out.
Removed all the DJ intro & outro.
If you have the original then this a very worthwhile upgrade.

Dream Remastered @ Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, 2019.

Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Do NOT sell it on Ebay or Ioffer or any other place.
Buy the records/CD's/Go to shows if there are any.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Failure to comply will result in the karma police visiting.
Want to share this?
That is fine all that I ask is keep these notes with your shares, thank you.

Download [2 parts]:

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