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Got this on cassette last year and think it is from 26th October 1980 and recorded at the Fforde Greene Hotel in Leeds

Date isn't on the tape I got, but with some help at the Deep Purple hub have worked out that this is the only date it could be in 1980 as Sweet and Innocent is mentioned as a current single and it came out in August 1980 (after the other 2 times they played this venue in 1980).

Anyway the recording itself is ok - pretty good sound for that time. I don't know what generation the tape is, but there are a couple of tape skipping sounds, which must have occurred previously. Also Lightning to the Nations runs into Heaven and Hell (maybe a tape flip?), so I faded out and faded in these 2 tracks. Finally - Sucking My Love goes over the 2 sides of the tape I have and I've just segued together the best I could.

Its Electric
Dead Reckoning
Sweet and Innocent
Borrowed Time
Am I Evil
Dont You Ever Leave Me
Shoot Out The Lights
Sucking My Love
Lightning To The Nations
To Heaven from Hell


1 - 9 of 9 Posts