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October 19, 1984
Camden Palace Theatre
Source: SDB-TV
Time: 60 min
Quality: A

Lineage: (Youtube Source) > WAV(EAC) > Adobe Audition (equalized) + (track splitting) > FLAC 8

Paul Di'anno - Vocals
Lee Slater - Guitars
P.J. Ward - Guitars
Kevin Browne - Bass
Mark Venables - Keyboards
Frank Noon - Drums

Track List:

01.Razor Edge
02.The Runner
03.Here To Stay
04.Lady Heartbreak
05.Spiritual Guidance
07.Tales Of The Unexpected
08.Road Rat
09.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
10.Bright Lights
12.Flaming Heart
13.You Really Got Me

I had this show on cassette since 1985 but in a mono version and very low the sound of the instruments and I finally found the show on YouTube with a pretty good sound and in Stereo. I have ripped it directly into WAV at 48kHz (16-bit) and then I have equalized it in Audition a bit to increase the presence of the instruments, nothing important.

Nothing to do with Iron Maiden could be said to be perfectly AOR or similar, Paul could sing like anything a huge wasted talent, a shame.

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