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Well I felt this was the right thing to do when we started.....and now that it's done I know it was.....and a fitting tribute to the Metal Monster Dimebag. There's just not many that play the heavy shit like Dime.

This was a very inspired Jam and I really enoyed putting it together......lot's of talent around this place as you will hear.....I'm sure Dime would be proud of our efforts.

R.I.P. Dime......we miss you already and you are never forgotten!

Here are the contributors:

0-.45 Dimebag
0.46-1.26 Axeshredder
1.27-2.07 Stig
2.08-2.48 Kane
2.49-3.29 MetalJonus
3.30-4.10 VHfan
4.11-4.51 MickeyV
4.52-5.32 RockOnThis
5.33-6.14 TUBE Snake
6.15-6.55 Enigma (keys)
6.56-end E.J.

Be sure and check out the Dime Tribute Jam 2 in another thread!


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Amazing playing here guys. :icon_thum:icon_thum:icon_thum

This jam kicks serious ass. You all get mad kudos from me and vhfan you did an excellent job mixing this. :bowdown:

An extremely worthy tribute by any measure.

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amazing, you guys tore it up, Dime would love it.. you all fucking rocked big time on this.. you should all be proud:icon_thum

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awesome stuff fellas !

not usually my kind of music but i really enjoyed being a part of this and listening to everyones playing some serious playing is heard !

i thought mickey_g rocked the house nice work matey ! and i do agree vhfans last section was great .. hey TUBE we used the same start ! classic . .great minds do think alike ;)

Overall awesome stuff


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Superb, flawless and expressive playing guys. I listened to both jams 1 and 2, several times and I am very impressed the way you guys expressed your feelings for the loss of a guitar icon. For sure Dime (R.I.P.) will be proud to each and everyone of you. Peace out!

Stiglar said:
heheh it's just weird cause the keys players i've encountered they use the pitch bend wheel think and no way does it sound that awesome those bends are perfect!
I think you need to encounter better keyboardists lol :)

It's about musicality, not technique. Guitars can do it, why can't I lol

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