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West Park Entertainment Center,
Houston, Texas
United States of America
November 17,1996

Bands on Bill:
Dangerous Toys,
Peace Sanctuary,


This has amazing sound...but couldn't find info to see if it was a FM Broadcast or Soundboard recording.

If it is an audience recording I don't hear any crowd...So it makes my think it's a sounboard?

Artwork included.

76:12 minutes

01. Jesus, Mary & the Holy Ghost
02. Straight Through the Heart
03. Don't Talk to Strangers
04. After All (The Dead)
05. Holy Diver > Vinny Appice Drum Solo
06. Heaven & Hell
07. Double Monday
08. Stand Up & Shout
09. Hunter of the Heart
10. Mistreated > Tracy G Guitar Solo*
11. Big Sister
12. The Last in Line

Band Line up:
Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Vinny Appice - drums
Jeff Pilson - bass
Tracy "G" Grijalva - guitar
Scott Warren - keyboards

show notes:

01. ***Missing first part of "Jesus, Mary, & the Holy Ghost":

"Prime time, Did you see the teacher,
Sister, Black and white,
What she's gonna to do, They say eye for eye, tooth for tooth"

01. "Jesus, Mary, & the Holy Ghost" starts at:

"But don't hurt your brother, Cross-road, overload"

02. Originally Straight Through the Heart was part of track 1. I split using CD WAVE.

05. After Vinny drum solo - weird cut & the Heaven & Hell starts (Taped from Radio?)

10. *at 3:46 into Mistreated an error either a skip on master or some other error/cut.

10. Seemed to jump a little at the 3:46 point - still over 16 minutes

12. towards the very end of the Last in Line Ronnie "Thank you Houston, Goodnight"

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