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Ronnie James Dio from the Master of the Moon tour at The Trocadero Club, Philadelphia, PA on October 4, 2004.

Here's the deal on this one. It is an audio rip from an audience filmed video bootleg. Oddly enough, the chapters on the DVD seem to have been assigned arbitrarily in that chapters start midway through songs, just after their beginnings, etc.

I used CAS's DVD Audio Extractor and opted to burn the whole damned mess as one long file. Unfortunately I don't have any means of or knowledge on how to split this megafile into separate tracks. If anyone would like to take on that task & re-up it, it would be appreciated.

I apologize for not having the set list but there's some gems in there such as Sign Of The Southern Cross, Stargazer, and Tarot Woman. 320kbps.
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