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Dire Straits - 1985-07-10 - London, UK
(soundboard FLAC)

Dire Straits ft.Nils Lofgren and Hank B. Marvin - 1985-07-10 Wembley Arena, London, UK, "THE LONG STRAIT WALK TO WEMBLEY" sounboard Enlight 2014 most complete Version.

Wembley Arena, London, UK,

Mark Knopfler - Vocals, Guitar
John Illsley - Bass
Jack Sonni - Guitar
Alan Clark - Keyboards
Guy Fletcher - Keyboards
Chris White - Saxaphone
Terry Williams - Drums

with Nils Lofgren
with Hank B. Marvin

01 Expresso love
02 So far away
03 Private investigations
04 Sultans of swing
05 Why worry
06 Walk of life
07 The man is too strong
08 Money for nothing
09 Tunnel of love
10 Brothers in arms
11 Solid rock (with Nils Lofgren, from Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band)
13 Introduction Hank Marvin
12 Going home (with Hank Marvin)

Enlight notes:
A thing I wanted to do for a long time was to create a most complete version of the famous Wembley gig Dire Straits did on July 10th . All recordings (original silvers) so far contains 8 songs from this particular night with “Romeo and Juliet “ , “Expresso Love” and “ Solid Rock” added from the original released alchemy CD.(Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 23rd July 1983) This version contains all the songs recorded from that night and comparing to all the pervious recordings (orig. silvers) with the songs in the proper order as they were played that night.

A-Tracks: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08 ripped from the original silver “Walk On Stage”
B-Tracks: 01,09,11 Ripped from the DVD “Wembley does the walk” and remastered
C-Track: 13 Taken from The Superstar Concert series.

The tracks named under A and C have a perfect sound quality from origin.
The B tracks had a less sound quality , these tracks I remastered to bring them closer
To the FM sound quality as the other tracks (A,C).
These tracks are de-hissed ,de –crackled and EQ Changes are made with a parametric equalizer set in shelving mode. After that all tracks are volume normalized in a batch process.

So finally you can enjoy this famous and stunning show Dire Straits played at Wembley With all the available tracks out there in the proper order as they were played.

I named this version THE LONG STRAIT WALK TO WEMBLEY ( I guess you can figure out how I came to that title) to avoid mix ups with all the other existing recordings (original silvers) from this date.

Notice that the man is too strong was played before money for nothing during all concerts , so in this upload i fixed that, in the kindly created cover-art by shangrila1 they are mixed but that can be totally blamed to me!!!



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ride across the river, romeo and jliet, two young lovers and wild west end are missing, wich happens? is not complete, where are this missed songs? Anyone knows?
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