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Dire Straits - Stick Around The Theatre
(Soundboard FLAC)

1979-03-06 Philadelphia US 3CDs SBD

Tower Theatre,
Philadelphia, USA.
6th March 1979

This is a package of three CDs from the famous gig Dire Straits did on march 6th 1979 in Philadelphia.
The package contains an original silver rip from the Imtrat live and alive USA 1979 (CD 1) , the reel FM master from this date (CD 2) and a version taken from unknown different sources,latter is the most complete show but has some fade in and outs (CD 3).

All the three version are “soundboard” captures but with differences:
-CD 1: great smooth sound , an exact rip from the Imtrat silver but with the tracks in the wrong order as they were played and broadcasted . (incomplete show but the complete broadcast)

-CD 2: great sound ,the nice REEL FM color with the same tracks as CD 1 but in the right order as they were played and broadcasted included the announcing. (incomplete show but the complete broadcast)

-CD 3: good sound on most tracks, some pops and clicks , some tracks fades in and out, but with 16 tracks, from which 2 bonus, in the right order as they were played it has 6 more tracks on it comparing to CD 1 and CD 2.

Package compiled by Enlight (April,2014)
Cover-art created by Andrea82**

CD 1
Imtrat Silver

1 Sultans of swing
2 Eastbound train
3 Southbound again
4 Water of love
5 What's the matter baby
6 Lions
7 Six blade knife
8 Down to the waterline
9 In the gallery
10 Wild west end

CD 2
FM Master Reel

1 introduction > down to the waterline
2 six blade knife
3 water of love
4 in the gallery
5 what's the matter?
6 lions
7 sultans of swing
8 wild west end
9 eastbound train
10 southbound again
11 radio announcer closing credits

CD 3
Different sources

1 Down to the waterline
2 Six blade knife
3 Water of love
4 In the gallery
5 What's the matter baby
6 Lions
7 Sultans of swing
8 Wild west end
9 Eastbound train
10 Southbound again
11 Once upon a time in the west
12 Lady writer
13 Where do you think you're going?
14 News
15 Bernadette [Orpheum, Boston USA, 8th September 1979 ]
16 In my car [Orpheum, Boston USA, 8th September 1979 ]

Enlight note:

More info ,lineage ,credits ,eac, comments etc. are in the particular CD folders. thanks to tapers/uploaders.

**Mine acknowledgement to Andrea82 who never says no when i ask for a cover art ( a real gent, credit him)

Because of copyright issues Dire Straits were only allowed to play songs from there debut album (Dire Straits) during the broadcast,
and not from there upcoming album (communique).

After "water of Love" Mark explains that to the audience.

He tells the audience that they like playing new songs instead of playing the album.
Mark also tells them they will play new stuff after the radio show if the audience wanna Stick around the Theatre and apologize
to everybody who are listening on the radio.

This is also how the title "Stick around the Theatre" was born for this little project.



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