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Dixie Dregs
The Egg
Albany, NY
March 21, 2018

Recording Info: Beyer MC930 -> PS-2 -> R-09HR (24/96)
Transfer Info: Audition 3.0 (Tracking, Normalize, Dither) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Recorded and mastered by seremetcc

Set One (53:26)

Divided We Stand
Free Fall
Assembly Line
Twiggs Approved
Take It Off the Top
What If
Country House Shuffle
Moe Down

Set Two (1:08:08)

Song For Rachel
Northern Lights (Steve & Allen duet)
Go for Baroque (without Rod)
Day 444
Refried Funky Chicken
Leprechaun Promenade
Wages of Weirdness
The Bash
Cruise Control(with drum solo)
Encore Break
Rock & Roll Park
Bloodsucking Leeches

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts