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Dixie Dregs
Paradise Club, Boston, Mass.
May 8, 1981 (2nd show)

Steve Morse- guitar
Mark O'Connor: violin, guitar
T. Lavitz: keyboards
Andy West- bass
Rod Morgenstein- drums

performance quality: B to B+
recording quality: B+
source: 1st generation audience tape
runtime: 84:22
lineage: unknown microphones (decent ones) >
Sony 152 cassette ceck (dolby off) >
master cassette > my cassette copy > (both Maxell XLII)
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
For January 2010 reseeding a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned)
reconversion was done to remove the sbe's.
MP3 @ 320

1: tuning > divided we stand 8:07
2: pride o'the farm 4:05
3: Twiggs approved 4:47
4: kat food 5:13
5: the odyssey 7:37
6: what if 5:46
7: I'll just pick 4:52
8: punk sandwich 4:21
9: rock and roll park 5:43
10: the bash 8:45
11: cruise control 16:13
12: reel > take it off the top > Dixie 8:47

This appears to be the complete late show of the Dixie Dregs in Boston.
There is some level variation in a part of Cruise Control on the right side,
other than that it's quite enjoyable sound quality, very little crowd noise
this time. It's a good show too, but not as high energy as the 1980 I also
posted. (same place, previous tour). This one has Mark O'Connor on the violin, I think the other one is before he joined. It's a little different flavor of Dixie Dregs than the 1980 show but still good playing, sounds like Mark was fitting in fine. The tape was flipped just after Punk Sandwich ends and I didn't notice anything missing. I spliced it so you may not even notice a tape flip at all (that's always my intention) Those folks who like to cram these things onto 1 disc may be able to do that with this, but I don't (unless it's a convenient smooth fit) so this is as all my 1st time seeds, an unedited version. There was a shutoff of the
recorder during the encore break so the initial set is seamless and complete ending with a fadeout on the 1st disc with 8:47 of encore to go on another. The 1st time I remastered these I put them together on 2 discs, but didn't ever upload those, didn't like that arrangement or the sound of the remaster. I think this version is an improvement over the first one, the 1st time I seeded these together, this time seperately, but since I've lost contact with both sources of these tapes I don't know if either has been uploaded before by them, or friends of. I do know, if you like the Dixie Dregs with Mark O'Connor, you should enjoy hearing this. I did not see this show. The taper is a Dregs fan and did a good job. he is the same source who had his masters stolen of Gentle Giant and Bruford's late shows, before anyone I know could get copies, fortunately I was able to get a copy of this one which I believe to be from his master. too bad he lost his masters, I saw the early shows of those which have been posted here on dime (the Gentle Giant one was first posted by Doinker from my master, before I knew how to upload, then by me later.) in case anyone wants to put these onto 2 CD's, since this is a little over 80, the other a little under, I think it can be done (without any editing) but it will be a cram. I could have tried to CD extract this thing, save me four or five hours remastering time. So I tried, and there was a problem so I had to say those 2 WORDS again for the 1st posting of this. New transfer. For both of these, no CD, no DAT, nothing but 1st gen. cassette lineage here for both shows. the only difference between this and initial seed of this (and 9/16/80 Boston show) is added titles to info and sound files, and the torrent equivalent of a conjoined twin seperation surgery. the FLAC's are the same ones used in the 1st posting.
Do not sell this recording.
(or your computer might start
working in Morse code ONLY.)
Trade freely and losslessly.
And may the force of the
Dregs be with you.

Dixie Dregs - 1981-05-08 Boston MP3.rar - FileFactory

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