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Dixie Dregs
Peaches Records & Tapes , Ft. Lauderdale, FL
October 22, 1977

MP3 @ 320
no artwork

Steve Morse - guitar
Andy West - bass
Rod Morgenstein - drums
Allen Sloan - violin
Mark Parrish - keys

T1 Intro
T2 Moedown
T3 Refried Funky Chicken
T4 Freefall(yet untitled)
T5 Leprechaun Promenade
T6 Wages Of Weirdness
T7 Night Meets Light
T8 Country House Shuffle
T9 The WaBash
T10 The Odyssey
T11 Northern Lights
T12 Holiday
T13 Cruise Control

Total playing time 69 minutes

This is a surprisingly nice sounding, not well circulated, 77'aud recording of The Dregs when the Dixie was still attached. It's in a record store with what sounds like about a dozen people attending.


Dixie Dregs - 1977-10-22 Ft Lauderdale mp3.rar - FileFactory

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