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Dogs D'amour Sheffield BBC Broadcast 1993

Another Dogs D'amour radio broadcast, tour in support of the last great Dogs CD More Uncharted Heights Of Disgrace,track listing as follows

1) What's Happening Here
2) Kath
3) Pretty Pretty Once
4) Scared Of Dying
5) Put It In Her Arm
6) All Or Nothing
7) Mr Barfly
8) What You Do
9) Mr Addiction

Sorry but its only 2 tracks so you will need to split them, I am sure somebody out their can do this and you never know they might even report this.

I am after the Dogs gig in Cologne (Koln) Germany in 1990 (Luxor Club), if anybody can help then I can throw you over material that nobody else has got in return (truely outside of Tyla & a couple of others I have studio material that you would die for so theirs a good trade to be had).
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