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Don Henley -
Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI;
June 29, 1985

The Ken G. Collection [Vol 177]

Source: Stereo Audience > Low Generation Cassette

Transfer Lineage:
Maxell > Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (standalone) > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav >TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8

Trader's Den 11/18/14

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George [kingrue] [Upload 342]


Here's the next awesome tape from Ken's collection.

I've always liked Henley's solo tours. He just has a good catalog to pull from.

This is a really excellent recording. Whoever captured it, did a great job.

Henley's vocals are right up front and the music is very well mixed.

With little crowd noise, this one is a Keeper !!!

Band Members:
Don Henley - Lead Vocals and Piano
Debra Dopkin - Percussion, Keyboards and Vocals
Mindy Sterling - Percussion, Keyboards and Vocals
Jennifer Condos - Bass
Scott Plunkett - Synthesizer and Keyboards
Jay Winding - Synthesizer, Keyboards and Grand Piano
John Corey - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Dukes - Lead Guitar and Synthesizer Guitar
Ian Wallace - Drums

Grab This One !!!

Side A
01 Building The Perfect Beast
02 Dirty Laundry
03 Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed
04 You Can't Make Love
05 Them And Us
06 Lilah
07 Witchy Woman
08 Life In The Fast Lane
09 Not Enough Love In The World

Side B
10 Sunset Grill
11 Talking To The Moon
12 Band Introduciton
13 The Boys Of Summer
14 You Better Hang Up
15 Man With A Mission
16 All She Wants To Do Is Dance
17 Johnny Can't Read
18 Desperado
19 Hotel California

Total Time = 91:36 min





01 Building The Perfect Beast.flac:40093205020ec5ca4281bacacb1e6f41
02 Dirty Laundry.flac:9c69cd713e11be4662db96f48f2a0d68
03 Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed.flac:6f4a1134b19b049db7a47c3d59475b60
04 You Can't Make Love.flac:e3949b3f97bf3704a54a324d01447df8
05 Them And Us.flac:6488dfc0018fa7a9ce39e9a843c8774f
06 Lilah.flac:1e991ac55d549cb30a9e9754eadd9eb9
07 Witchy Woman.flac:daf4749a206635e9c3e1addf61c20764
08 Life In The Fast Lane.flac:bfbdfd6a5848873221b0986602373a60
09 Not Enough Love In The World.flac:502098e7e0c8b42f42769847fc8864c4
10 Sunset Grill.flac:cfbc735033d4c203e28f1527044b1ad7
11 Talking To The Moon.flac:01702ce21aafa330775878479d80e0c5
12 Band Introducitons.flac:5f3dc9d587461d2f1645a289dc3a1646
13 The Boys Of Summer.flac:04a18bcbc62eed3b371aca852c081ed3
14 You Better Hang Up.flac:8927cb879aa145ef29ce246c65de8dd3
15 Man With A Mission.flac:7b9b622aefbb85a1169d922efb9af9fc
16 All She Wants To Do Is Dance.flac:8b69f0ceba67f190be9476841356c8e0
17 Johnny Can't Read.flac:27e63560aac4ffadd3eac79ad3adc8b1
18 Desperado.flac:8d812b01599c800cb8f5b587063579f5
19 Hotel California.flac:7c4d6de40ba6bb83f1d3d104038b2f0a

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

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