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Don McLean
Essen, Germany
01. Oktober 2018

Minimax-master-series #1077

Master - Audience recording
Taping-location: third row, left side, about 10,86 meters away from the artist
Sound quality: exc

Equipment: Zoom H4N with Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

When the announcer announced him as "The legendary Don McLean" I had a bit of a doubt about that.
Don and his band gave us about two hours full of blues-songs, country songs, singer-somgwriter songs,
classical songs. The problem was that he's not such a good entertainer on stage. So he stood there with his band
playing all these songs with nice guitar-picking and his voice where he sometimes did not hit the notes. And sometimes
he told us something about the songs but it was a bit lame, just the info about that song and "on we go".
So after a while I nearly felt asleep.
Everyone was waiting for "that no. 01 hit" where he could have done it a bit better by doing jokes or
saying something about it, but -no- one song ended and this song was played. So, yes, he did "Vincent". (Listen to his
announcement to that song! ZACK: "I'm gonna play you "Vincent" ZACK!
Maybe you'll understand what I mean!?

Anyway: hope you like my recording and his performance.

Don McLean


Support this man
Go to his concerts
Buy all his merch and recordings

Never ever sell this one! No MP3s please....!32JFRKIb!-o8lqV7AmwbZ6CP45FlPZA

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Thanks a lot

Set list is

01 Intro
02 So Doggone Lonesome
03 Singing The Blues
04 Everyday
05 Winterwood
06 Crossroads
07 Banter
08 And I Love You So
09 Empty Chairs
10 Hide Nor Hair
11 Jerusalem
12 Botanical Gardens
13 The Lucky Guy
14 Homeless Brother
15 Intro to Castles In The Air
16 Castles In The Air
17 Band Introductions
18 Outskirts Of Town
19 Oh My What A Shame
20 Sea Man
21 Have You Seen Me
22 American Pie
23 Intro to Vincent
24 Vincent
25 Greenback Dollar
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