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Dream Theater -
Promo West Pavilion, Columbus, Ohio;
July 2, 2003

I did not tape the opener, Fates Warning, but did tape the co-headliner, Queensryche as well as the Dream Theater/Queensryche jam at the end. I will torrent up the QR show next.

The Promo West Pavilion has both an indoor and outdoor stage, this show was outdoors.

Recorded from the general admission standing front section stage right directly in front of PA stack.
Garlost GS1 mics/pre-amp >Sony D8 (16 bit 48khz)>Sony DG90P.
Panasonic SV3500>Delta 66 >DAW (via coaxial digi).
Mastered in Wavelab.
LP1 Leveler - volume left +12.00db, volume right +9.295492db
Puncher - soft density, effect @28.00, input gain +4.04db
Waves S1 Stereo Imager+ - S1 subtle improved imaging
Waves L1 Ultramaximizer + 32 bit - 2e 16bit final master highest resolution

Raw Wave file available upon request.
Real nice sound, levels were a little low and a tad unbalanced as I was turned toward the stage. There was at some point during this show a pair of beer spillling drunks who muscled up to the front and then had a conversaton right in front of me mid-concert. One of them ended up in a pool of beer and humiliation on the ground and his buddy helped him leave, I don't think they affected the recording much, but you may hear a few words from audience members to the guys before they are dealt with. :)

I was a big fan of Images and Words and had a few other CDs at this point but they are the kind of music that you play as a CD, not individual tracks , so I was very unsure of the setlist. Luckily Mike Portnoy, the bootleg loving drummer/bossman of Dream Theater has a great website wher I cured my ignorance (see below).

Mad Props (or whatever the kids are saying these days) to Durnik, if you are out there brother, you were a big inspiration back in the day, your stuff set my feet on the path, and I never stopped walking. Drop me a line if you are on DIME.

There is no art for this and I am really unsure where track markers should go, if somebody wants to list the time points for the track cuts I missed, that would be awesome. Again sorry I am not familiar enough with thier catalog to make a proper job of it.

Mike Portnoy - drums
John Petrucci - guitar
John Myung - bass
James LaBrie - vocals
Jordan Rudess - keys

Setlist info pilfered from a very nice site here:

1.) Overture 1928 / Strange Deja Vu
2.) Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy
3.) Under a Glass Moon
4.) The Great Debate
5.) Instrumedley:
The Dance of Eternity
Metropolis pt.1
The Dance of Eternity
Metropolis pt.1
A Change of Seasons
The Dance of Eternity
Paradigm Shift
Universal Mind
The Dance of Eternity
Hell's Kitchen
6.) Goodnight Kiss / Solitary Shell
7.) Learning to Live

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