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I'm gonna try and keep up and post the lyrics for the originals as me and Wiz crank 'em out. Thank Don for this one, he came up with the title.

Dreams of Passion
(Bob Morrison/Don Moore)

Push me aside, the words you used so strong
It won't be long, now

What I felt, How could I be so wrong?
I don't know how

Wash over, It brings me to my knees
Like a frightened child, I'm so scared inside

Inside of me, don't you believe in me?
Enough to stay with me?

Once in a life, it takes your breath away

You can’t feel it or see it stray

But when it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone to stay

Here in my dreams, you’re sound asleep

Holding your heart, it’s mine to keep

Like a shining stone there for me to hold

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