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Are there any drills, etc., that can be practiced to help building up hand/finger strength in the left hand to play more quickly and fluidly? Is there something that works out there? I'm thinking along the lines of trilling as long as possible, scales with only hammer-ons & pull-offs, using a 'Gripmaster,' etc.,. It seems like to me that the players that do it well look like they are playing effortlessly and not using much pressure on the strings and could play for hours without the left hand giving out.

I guess along those lines, what would be recommended in building up more lefthand fretting, right hand picking coordination?

Are there methods out there from a 'bluesy-rock' standpoint (e.g., VH, ACDC, Zep.... not Yngwie... not that there's anything wrong with that :)?

I am 38 and have played guitar for 22+ years. I can play songs like Unchained, Running With The Devil, Aint Talkin Bout Love, etc., but have never seemed to find the key in 'getting to the next level.' I see and hear others play stuff with such ease and fluidity and wonder what it is to get you to that level. I've been stuck at the level I'm at for 10+ years at an intermediate player level.... I have to believe there are others that are stuck, too, with this that I lack.

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