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The mainplate makes use of the mounting studs present.
The actual trem plate is pinion-mounted forward.
Trem springs are mounted forward and below the main plate, reaching rearward to a spring bracket suspended by two screws attached to the rear of the trem platform.
The height-adjustable saddles are slightly narrower than stock strat bridges.
The actual trem platform is also narrower than stock bridges.
The design makes use of standars springs, Saddles and Trem arms.
This design does not touch the guitar's surface, there is no neeed to route.
The spring tension ias adjustable, the action is exactly that of a strat.
Making use of Flat sheets that are drilled, and punched, the product is far cheaper to produce than Bigsbys, Kahlers, Les Trims, Stets bars,....

Lets see if you guys can tell how to post images...
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