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Yes thats right. I was referred here by a friend...but I might be up for a song or two sometime. Metallica is always an option...I mostly play metal.

My focus has shifted from playing to recording drums...I keep trying to improve my recordings. I think they've gotten pretty decent. If anyone is up for a recording sometime, just let me know.


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VHfanOU812 said:
Cool....we need more drummers. Post a short sample track so we can hear what you are doing.

No problem. this is a latest experiment of mine...I did six feet under's 'war is coming' (mainly because i can play it on every instrument).

I wanna re-record it to do some fine-tuning...but here it is:

This page: mix/

and right click, save as 'war_mix5.mp3' ...there's also the drums there, if you just want to listen to those.

thanks for listenin'
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