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The Band
The Authorized Video Biography

I believe this came out in the mid 90's and is now long out of print.

This one is from my personal vhs collection, which I recently converted to dvd. I used a generic dvd menu. Sorry, but chapters are not included with this dvd. I included a scan of the cover from the source vhs. Enjoy.

This film does a thorough job of documenting the super group behind such '60s and '70s classics as 'The Weight' and 'Up on Cripple Creek'. The three remaining original band members - Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Rick Danko - don't flinch from painful subjects like the breakup of the group in 1976 and their less-than-successful attempt to resuscitate it in the '80s. Such rock legends as Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Bob Weir provide their own perspectives. The release comes during the Band's 1995-96 tour and will be promoted with a syndicated radio special and a week long giveaway promotion on over 100 rock radio stations during the weeks of Nov 20, and Nov. 27 respectively.
-- Video Business Magazine, Nov.11, 1995

1hr 7 mins 7 seconds long

Video: 720x480 NTSC @29.970fps
5957 Kbps
Audio: 1536 Kbps, 48Khz PCM (2 channel)

Overall Bitrate 7645 Kbps

DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part1.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part2.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part3.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part4.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part5.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part6.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part7.rar - FileFactory
DVD.TB.Th.Auth.Vid.Bio.MBK.part8.rar - FileFactory
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