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Asia - 1983-12-06 - Tokyo, JP
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Transfer from LaserDisc with menu and chapters
Length : 58:42 mins.
Format : NTSC Region Free
Aspect ratio 4:3
Video : 720x480, 29 fps, bitrate 6000 kbps
Audio : Stereo, bitrate 384 kbps @ 48kHz
Very good sound and picture
HQ artwork supplied by my good friend Gesundheit

01. The Heat Goes On
02. Here Comes The Feeling
03. Eye To Eye
04. Steve Howe Solo (Sketches In The Sun)
05. Only Time Will Tell
06. Open Your Eyes
07. Geoffrey Downes Solo
08. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
09. Wildest Dreams
10. Carl Palmer Solo
11. Heat Of The Moment
12. Sole Survivor

I'm not certain where this came from, most likely a now defunct blog as I've not seen it torrented on any other site. Don't be deterred by the relatively small file size; this is better than both the Genesis In Concert 1976 and Kate Bush Hammersmith 1979 LaserDisc transfers recently posted here.

From Wikipedia ;
Ex-King Crimson and ELP front man Greg Lake replaced Wetton for the highly publicised "Asia in Asia" concert at the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan on 6 December 1983, which was the first concert broadcast over satellite to MTV in the U.S. and later made into a home video. Some of the songs had to be played in a lower key to suit Lake's voice and he read most of the lyrics from a teleprompter. The Japanese dates were successful financially but not musically.



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Thanx so much. Quite interesting how there's always been a "revolving-door" of line ups intersecting between King Crinmson, ELP, Yes and Asia
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