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I want to thank the taper and uploader that shared this on dime.

Bachman & Turner
Filene Center at Wolf Trap
Vienna, Virginia
July 28, 2010

audio, video & DVD/blu-ray: Silver Stallion (AKA guitard)

audio: CA-11 omnis > CA-9100 pre > Edirol R-09HR - 1,536 bit LPCM; tweaking done using Sony Vegas Pro 12's 10-band EQ plug-in
video: Sony HDR-TG1 in HD 1080 X 1920 mode; 29.97 fps; 16:9 NTSC

video encoding (2-pass VBR in Sony Vegas Pro 12):
DVD: 8.2K max, 5.5K avg, 1K min
blu-ray: 30K max, 25K avg, 20K min

Authored to DVD/blu-ray in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6.

running time: 86 mins (full show)

1. Roll Down The Highway
2. Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song
3. Hold Back The Water
4. Hey You
5. Moonlight Rider
6. Lookin' Out For #1
7. Not Fragile
8. Stayed Awake All Night (w/ "American Woman" interlude)
9. Four Wheel Drive
10. Slave To The Rhythm
11. Blue Collar
12. Sledgehammer
13. Rollin' Along
14. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
15. Let It Ride
16. Takin Care Of Business

Randy Bachman - guitar / vocals
Fred Turner - bass / vocals
Brent Knudsen - guitar
Marc LaFrance - drums
Mick Dalla Vee - guitar

There were several empty seats in front of me at the beginning of the show and I thought I had it made. But during the middle of "Hold Back The Water" a couple of wide bodies sat down directly in front of me so I had to adjust on the fly and try to work around them during the second half of that song. I slid down a couple of seats at the end of the song and everything was back on track again after that.

Back when I was still using it, there were several occasions when I was not very happy with the results I got when shooting video with the Sony HDR-TG1 (the videocam I used to shoot this video). If the lighting conditions weren't optimal, it was hard to consistently get a crisp, clean picture. I was able to take advantage of the form factor of this videocam though, and really get some great stealth shots in venues where it was otherwise quite difficult to shoot stealth video. So I stuck with it for a few years. The lighting at this show was just perfect and the picture is one of the nicest that I ever managed to shoot with the HDR-TG1.

video sample:
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