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Eric Clapton w Mark Knopfler - 1988-09-21 - Mountain View, CA
(DVDfull pro-shot)

'with Mark Knopfler'
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Format: NTSC
Source: Pro Shot
Menu: Yes
Song Chapters: Yes
Running Time: 114 minutes
Artwork: Included

Video Stream:
Type: Interlaced MPEG2
Bitrate: 6.000 Mbps
Framerate: 29.970 Hz
Resolution: 720x480
Aspect ratio: 4x3

Audio Stream:
Type: MPEG Audio
Bitrate: 384 Kbps
Number of channels: 2
Sampling Frequency: 48khz
Sampling Bits: 16

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Knopfler: Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East: Bass, Vocals
Steve Ferrone: Drums
Jodie Linscott: Percussion
Katie Kissoon: Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles: Backing Vocals

DVD 1:
01 - Crossroads
02 - White room
03 - I shot the sheriff
04 - Lay down Sally
05 - Wonderful tonight
06 - Tearing us apart
07 - After midnight
08 - Can't find my way home

DVD 2:
01 - Badge
02 - Same old blues
03 - Cocaine
04 - Layla
05 - Money for nothing
06 - Sunshine of your love



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Thank you!!!

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Thx for the upload.

By any chance, does anyone have the recently available Eric Clapton DVD from May 4, 1992 - The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
A Trinidad Production?

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Guess I'll have to try again. Two times and same ol situation... muffle sound..

Although after attending probably close to over 600 rock shows through the years, many of which jammed against the stage speakers.... I'm not surprised if I don't get the pete townsend ringing in my ears indeed

Speaking of which in my own rankings the AC/DC era of for those about to rock was about the loudest I ever recall in my hazy fog of memory. Those damn cannons blasting and I could not hear for close to a month.

Thanks for all the tapers in the world who record all these shows and the people on this board around the world. rock on !!!!!

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once again: thaaaaaaaaaaank you EDGE
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