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Flashing For Your Rights - 1988-09-08, Turin, IT
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Flashing For Your Rights - 1988-09-08 - Turin, IT (AUD/FLAC) CD1+CD2+CD3
Flashing For Your Rights - 1988-09-08 - Turin, IT (AUD/FLAC) CD4+CD5


The Italian Concert For Amnesty International - 25th Anniversary Edition
Turin (I), Stadio Comunale - September 7th & 8th, 1988

DISC 6 - DVD track -listing

1. THE PRESS CONFERENCE (1988.09.07)
• Intro (and play all)
• Jack Healey (Amnesty International USA)
• Chiara Bolzoni (Amnesty International Italy)
• Franca Sciuto (Amnesty International Worldwide)
• Sting
• Tracy Chapman
• Claudio Baglioni
• Peter Gabriel
• Bruce Springsteen
• Q&A session

2. THE ENCORES (1988.09.08)
• Chimes Of Freedom
• Get Up! Stand Up!

3. A FEW EXTRA(CT)S (1988.09.08)
• Claudio Baglioni - Strada Facendo
• Tracy Chapman - Across The Line
• Peter Gabriel - Biko / Games Without Frontiers
• Sting - King Of Pain / Set them Free
• Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA

Sources and lineage:
1) Press Conference pro-shot footage
Original shoot —> VHS copy

2) Be Bop A Lula (Italia Uno) - Italian Tv program
VHS copy of the studio edited, pre-broadcast program (no logo on screen)

3) Chimes Of Freedom and Get Up Stand Up
Private audience shot video of the Peter Gabriel set and whole cast encores
Unknown camera —>unknown generation VHS (possibly 2nd or 3rd)

Transfer: Panasonic NV-HS1000 S-VHS recorder —> Canopus ADVC 100 —> iMac (Final Cut Express/LiveType)—> iDvd


The making of the Dvd

First of all my thanks go to RDP for supplying the footage on 2 Vhs tapes a couple of years ago - hope the end result was worth the wait :)
The tapes contained:
- a fully edited, pre-broadcast version of the Italian Tv program BeBopALula entirely dedicated to the concert
- 2 different pro shot camera recordings of the press conference (one from the right, the other from the left side of the artists desk) which were used in the making of the program
- some videoclips that, that from what I understood, were passed on to Tv stations wanting to do a report on the event: these included both studio, official music videos (like Gabriel’s “Biko”, Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” and Sting’s “They Dance Alone”) and live extracts from the Turin concert stage cameras feed. It goes without saying that only the live portions have been used in the making of this disc.

The press conference
BeBopALula's authors have entirely dubbed in Italian all participants speeches, including further interviews with some human rights activists, ex prisoners of conscience and a couple of Italian artists that did not take part in the concert. My original idea was to edit the 2 angles in full to have a more internationally appealing video. Unfortunately, one of the 2 cassettes was totally fu**ed up, with so many tracking issues that there was no way I could play it consistently or smoothly enough to transfer it on to hard disc...
So I left it well alone and used the full “right side” footage. The only editing involved includes the removal of the Italian translation of Sting’s speech (he probably supplied a written text to the translators - the other participants adopted a sentence by sentence translation method), and adding a couple of fades where the original Vhs had evident breaks.

The Encores
This was a matter of “straightforward” editing and mixing the 2 available sources, using the private audience tape to fill in the gaps of the lengthy but incomplete pieces that were used by BeBopALula’s editors (who cut them up into little pieces and interspersed them through all the various interviews). All footage was re-synched using the audience audio recording patiently and carefully restored for this very release.

The Extracts
This are straight digitizations of the extracts given to Tv stations by the organizers, but for 2 exceptions.
First, half of Peter Gabriel’s “Biko” had no sound, so it was resynced to the audience recording.
Secondly, the Tv program also included more musical bits of the concert: more of “Biko”, the beginning of “Games Without Frontiers”, Sting’s “Set Them Free” and Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” which were not part of the extracts... This are much shorter but have been thrown in nonetheless.

I'm positive that someone, somewhere, must have a full recording of the concert, but until the day it sees the light, I hope this will be a good enough testimony of a great event!

the intruder


Kokomo Bros. want to thank:

SM: for your master tapes and presence when ALL began
MJK: for permission to use your precious transfers from vinyl bootlegs
Mouhamadou F.N.: for helping us with YND setlist and band line-up
Sognidipoeti: for taping and sharing Baglioni's FM recording
The Intruder: for your HUGE help and the uncirculated recording of PG's set (
SP: for unseen photos supply
RDP: for pro-shot footage

This Dvd edited and mastered by the intruder (2013)
Audio Cd and package compiled, edited and produced by Kokomo (2013)


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