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[DVDfull] Neil Young - 1984-09-25 - Austin, TX (pro-shot)
Neil Young - 1984-09-25 - Austin, TX
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Neil Young with the International Harvesters
Austin City Limits
Austin, Texas
September 25, 1984

This is a patched version of this show because what I could download of this was in better condition than my old tape.
(never could get the second part of this from

This is a rebroadcast that aired in March 1992 during pledge week on WHYY PBS 12 Philadelphia, PA. (except where noted)
The recording was described as a VHS stereo master-to-DVD transfer.
It was originally downloaded at Dime some months (couple of years?) ago. Thanks to Lagz for that original upload!

Lagz Capture Process:
VHS Stereo Master (S-VIDEO Output)> Sony DCR-TR27 with Digial Pass-Thru> Firewire to PC> Adobe Premire Pro

Video bitrate: 2-Pass VBR Target Max 8mbps / Min 7200kbps
Video format: 4:3, NTSC, 720x480, 29.97 fps, interlaced
Audio format: LPCM
Duration: ~ 59:26
Size: ~ 3.87 GB
Menus: No
Chaptered: Yes
Artwork: No

01 - Are You Ready for the Country?
02 - Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
03 - Comes a Time
04 - Field of Opportunity*
05 - Amber Jean*
06 - Roll Another Number*
07 - Heart of Gold*
08 - The Needle and the Damage Done*
09 - Helpless
10 - California Sunset
11 - Old Man
12 - Powderfinger
13 - Get Back to the Country
14 - Down by the River

*Note: These files are from my videotape, which I think, was also a rebroadcast that aired in March 1992 during pledge week on WHRO PBS 15 Norfolk, VA.

My Capture Process:
VHS Stereo (Composit Output)> Sony DVMC-DA2 Analog to DV Media Converter> Firewire to PC> Nero

I hope I got everything correct here and I hope you enjoy it. If somebody has the whole original please post it and I'll delete this.
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