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Pink Floyd - 1968-1972 - Mind Your Throats Please
(DVDfull aud-pro-shot)

Pink Floyd
The Pink Floyd Archives Volume One
"Mind Your Throats Please"

produced by The Pink Floyd Archeological Society
running time approx 90 minutes

Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music
Shepton Mallet, Sommerset, England
28 June, 1970
Featuring the Debut performance of Atom Heart Mother
Note: audio drops out from 18:30-20:23

The pedigree of this 26 mintues of Pink Floyd footage found from this festival is a convoluted and cloudy proposition. The most likely explanation for it's existence is as follows. The festival saw several companies vying to be the on-site video production unit. Paradise Films scored the official gig because they were able to provide the organizers with a large screen onto which images of the performances could be broadcast during the show. In order to properly achieve this, a remote truck was parked close to the stage onto which a camerman was positioned, amonst other roaming cameras.

According to a source close to the producer, various formats were used to record the show including an on-stage stationary camera recording onto 2" tape, while other cameras used a 1" format. The roaming cameras were of the Sony Portapac variety.

A live camera mix was projected onto the large screen. It is generally believed that a master tape of this live does not exist. The common belief amongst the people associated with this event is that any master tapes were wiped down or thrown away due to possible litigation should they have ever fallen into the public's hands.

The 1/2" reel tape that was used to create this DVD came from a screener that was given to Lindsey Clennel, representing Paradise Films. It is believed that this 1/2" screener was created by simply setting up a camera in front of the large screen and recording the image off of it. This method was used as a test to see if the footage was suitable for a release, but unfortunately all associated with the project agreed that it wasn't commercially viable material.

The original 1/2 reel that was used to make this DVD came from an annonymous collector who purchased it in the open market and subsequently, and graciously, returned it to their proper owners.

Amsterdam Rock Circus
Olympic Stadium, Netherlands
22 May, 1972
Featuring the Final performance of Atom Heart Mother
along with Careful With That Axe, Eugene
and A Saucerful Of Secrets

Shot on Sony Portapac 1/2" open reel format
Sound recorded via open microphone direct onto tape live synch.

The entire event was shot in this format by two camermen. Only 38 minutes of the Pink Floyd set have surfaced, but other acts still remain in the archives on the original 1/2" reels.

The story of how thse reels surfaced after all these years is quite a revelation in itself, but the short version is that a U.S. collector, after years of regular communication with the owners, finally arranged a meeting which produced a batch of 1/2" reels. These were sent to a post house in London for digital transfer which yielded some nice surpises, and it was agreed that more work would occur in the restoration of the several thousand hours of tape still in storage.

"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
Filmed live at The Tabernacle
Notting Hill, London
for the BBC program "All My Loving"
Originally broadcast in black & white 3 November, 1968
Rebroadcast in color 18 May, 1969
Unedited footage

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
-Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, edit

These 16mm film reels were recently discovered and purchased by a Eurpean collector on the open market. They were brought to a London post production facility for transfer onto DVD in the PAL format. The version on this DVD was created from the PAL master DVD created from the 16mm transfer. After viewing the edited footage from the broadcast, it is obvious that there are still several unedited takes that remain missing in action.

Ripped by MetalGods from original pressed DVD
extracted with MacTheRipper, MD5 checksum generated with xAct




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Thank you

Hi mr. EDGE. I want to thank you for posting this DVD and do you, by any chance, know anything about volume two?
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