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Slits, Damned, Subway Sect, The Clash - 1977 - Live in Brighton, UK
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Sussex University


The Slits - 1977.05.25
- A Boring Life

Subway Sect - 1977.05.25
- We Oppose All Rock 'N' Roll

The Adverts - 1977.06.15
  • New Church
  • Bored Teenagers

The Damned - 1977.06.15
  • Fan Club
  • Sick Of Being Sick
  • Stretcher Case
  • New Rose

The Clash - 1977.05.25
  • Capitol Radio
  • Protex Blue
  • Cheat
  • Remote Control
  • White Riot
  • Police And Thieves



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FileFactory links appear to still be live as well.

Thanks Edge.

Though the generic term for us is "music fans", I really and truly think this site is one of the greatest libraries for historical performances there is.

So many legendary shows I have read about in many books and magazines, and wanted to see or hear, and was able to find them here.

Lotta us peeps could be considered "Rock Historians" for all the knowledge we have about this great aspect of our culture.

And kudos to everyone else who puts out effort to share these artistic works with the world free of charge, so people can learn more about the music they listen to.

I am in awe of some of you guys for the stuff you upload.

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Thanks for sharing!
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