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Talk Talk - 1986-09-10 - Salamanca, Spain
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Plaza Mayor de Salamanca (Salamanca «s Main Square)
XXVI Festival de Radio Cadena Espa–ola, September 10, 1986
Broadcasted Live by TVE
Rebroadcasted by TVE 50 Years Channel on June 30 2006

Complete show. 85 minutes
ProShot, 4/3, PAL, Stereo (probably dual mono)
Recorded digitally to the computer HD using Terratec Cinergy T2
Imported with MPEG Streamclip
Tittling and chapters with iMovie
Authoring with iDVD
Artwork included

01 - Talk Talk (3:40)
02 - Dum Dum Girl (3:46)
03 - Call it the Nightboy (6:40)
04 - Tomorrow Started (7:48)
05 - My Foolish Friend (4:32)
06 - Life Is What You Make It (4:51)
07 - Mirror Man - Does Caroline Know (7:57)
08 - It's You (3:54)
09 - Living In Another World (8:00)
10 - Give It Up (5:34)
11 - It's My Life (8:45)

Encore 1:
12 - Such a Shame (11:24)

Encore 2:
13 - RenŽe (8:05)

Playlist length:
1 hour 24 minutes 56 seconds




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New links available. Enjoy
Can't thank you enough.
The talent of Mr. Hollis stands comparison with any of my rock heroes. The last three studio albums amaze on so many levels. The speed of evoultion was impressive, even if EMI decided (wrongly) that they'd been betrayed before the final one and sued them - unsuccessfully.
I was lucky enough to catch them live 4 times and that was certainly not for their non-existent stage act, but the breathtaking sounds derived from putting together a bunch of exceptional musicians, letting them spark off each other stimulating their individual and collective creativity.
I have the official live (London) release and what is a sound board from Hammy O, which may well be the BBC broadcast a few days after the gig. I have the Montreux DVD where they fill in the harmonica solo with an accoustic guitar. This Spanish show I saw on youtube and the '9 below 0' guy's harmonica solo is unreal, like it was when I saw them. They appear more relaxed than Montreux.
Your version is excellent and I'm loving it.
Thank you again.
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