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The Beatles - Let It Be Film Documentary
(DVDfull pro-shot)

Twickenham Film Sudios (first part of January 1969)
Apple Studios (January 22 -31, 1969)
London, England

Audio & Video Restoration by Hobnail 2011

the original Uncropped Fullscreen 16mm Stereo version from a very high quality German print (see additional notes below)

Lineage: Demonoid > my hd > Planetrock

Full Menu & Chapters
Also a Bonus
An additional feature has been added in the form of optional captions which provide the exact date for each scene

Video attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2 (DxVA on)
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Display mode: Both Pan&scan and Letterbox
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame rate: 30.00
Bitrate: 6.93Mbps

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Number of audio channels:2.0
Bitrate: 448 Kbps
Number of audio streams: 2

John Lennon - guitar & vocals
Paul McCartney - bass & vocals
George Harrison - guitar & vocals
Ringo Star - drums & vocals

Special Guest
Billy Preston - keyboards
and others seen throughout related to the Beatles

Twickenham Film Studios (January 2-10,1969)
01. Setting Up
02. Paul on piano
03. Don't Let Me Down
04. The Corny One
05. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
06. Shocktric Shocks
07. Two Of Us
08. I've Got A Feeling
09. Guitar Lessons
10. I've Got A Feeling
11. Oh Darling
12. One After 909
13. Jazz Piano Song
14. Two Of Us
15. Round In Circles
16. Across The Universe
17. Dig A Pony
18. Suzy Parker
19. I Me Mine

Apple Studios (January 21 -31, 1969)
[with Billy Preston on keyboards throughout the sessions]
20. For You Blue
21. Conversation
22. Besame Mucho
23. Octopuss's Garden
24. Hello Little Girl
25. You Really Got A Hold On Me
26. The Long And winding Road
27. Rip It Up > Shake Rattle and Roll
28. Kansas City > Miss Ann > Lawdy Miss Clawdy
29. Dig It
30. Pep Talk
31. Two Of Us
32. Let It Be
33. The Long And Winding Road

Apple Studios Rooftop Concert January 30, 1969
[with Billy Preston on keyboards throughout the show]
34. Into The light
35. Get Back
36. Don't Let Me Down
37. I've Got A Feeling
38. One After 909
39. Dig A Pony
40. Get Back
41. I Hoped We Passed The Audition

Source Notes:
Let It Be was originally conceived as a TV documentary and was thus shot in 4:3 on 16mm stock. Later the decision was made to format it into a feature film, necessitating a pan-and-scan transfer of the 16mm film to a widescreen 35mm frame. The original 4:3 version was then left largely unseen by the public, with most broadcasters opting for the widescreen version or the shrunken 4:3 version released on laserdisc. Previously we presented the widescreen theatrical version of the film with a new stereo soundtrack. Here we offer the original uncropped 16mm version from a very high quality German print. The extra picture at the top and bottom gives the film a different feel - more like a documentary and less like a theatrical feature. This version is totally different to the grainy, heavily cropped print released on vhs and laserdisc in 1981, and includes the same remastered stereo soundtrack as the widescreen version. An additional feature has been added in the form of optional captions which provide the exact date for each scene

A scant few subtitles in German originally marred this print. Here they have been seamlessly removed, providing fans with the first ever opportunity to watch this unique movie in uninterrupted high quality vision and sound.
Audio and video restoration by Hobnail. This DVD was produced and released for free, so don’t sell it!
Should The Beatles ever release the LET IT BE film in any official capacity, please support the artists and filmmakers and buy the official product. Produced in 2011. NTSC Region free.
Thanks to Roger & Hob

Added Notes (from Hob)
There have been some slight extra changes made to this version, mainly the fixing of dodgy synch from the original film. A couple of bits come to mind, such as Mal Evan's anvil banging in Maxwell's Silver Hammer and parts of John's vocal on Dig It, but there were also out-of-synch moments in a lot of other songs. It should be pointed out that many (or even most) of the cutaways and closeups come from different takes or, worse still, completely different songs. So you can't really expect these sorts of shots will ever look right. In such cases I just left them as they are. I also fixed the ending of Two Of Us which previously switched to mono. I'd overlooked the fact that the stereo ending can be found on one of the Naked promo videos. The resynched audio is based partly upon work I originally did for Unsurpassed Promos disc 4. I was then pointed in the direction of a cd compiled by HenryTheHorse which uses the Nagras to reconstruct the movie soundtrack. This saved me all the trouble of identifying and locating all the scores of different fragments used in the first half of the film which, in all honesty, I would not have had the knowledge to do. Unfortunately his cd was not synched to the film images, so that meant a hellish night spent aligning it to the optical soundtrack. A couple of bits (= One After 909 and I Me Mine) sounded better on the optical soundtrack to me so I didn't use those. In doing so I innadvertantly cut out a four letter word from George at the start of I Me Mine... here expletive in question has been restored to its rightful place in the proceedings... The optical soundtrack used here is actually from the BBC broadcast, which sounded noticeably better than the German one.




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Thank you, this is brilliant.

Can anyone recommend a good program for burning these files to DVD?
I'd Recommend ImgBurn

It's free and a very reliable program. I've used it for years and I'd also suggest using verbatim disc's to burn. Very reliable and I'm still playing some burned DVD's that are ten years old and they play perfectly.

These days I don't burn many disc's because I play my DVD's from a hard drive connected to WD TV streaming device that has all the functions of a DVD player. - just another option that will save you burning time.

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looks great - 80:30 - seems longer than any released version i can remember. of course i neversaw the early 80's german tape that this came from. more info in wikipedia . thanks! i know some beatle nuts who have not seen this but will soon.
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