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The Black Crowes - 1991-06-20 - London, UK
(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Black Crowes - Ronnie Scott's - Remastered DVD & CD

Live at Ronnie Scott's, Old Compton Street, Soho, London, 20th June 1991

Chris Robinson apparently collapsed from "exhaustion" after this 'secret' acoustic show, and the group returned to the US, cancelling their pending tour dates.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the band or the genre should check this out, as this is one of those truly great moments in Rock & Roll, documenting the period when the band shed the regimented sound of their debut album and settled comfortably into what they really were - a highly proficient and genuine rhythm and blues outfit.

It was, and still is, unusual for a band such as this to appear at Ronnie Scott's jazz club and the reaction from the clientelle was mixed - Chris's request for a beer from the crowd fell on deaf ears - but this didn't stop them from putting in an extraordinary shift during which they nailed some of their favourite tracks and debuted a couple which would later appear on the stunning 'Southern Harmony' album.

Previous audio releases of the show, most notably 'Darlings Of The Underground Press' on 'Improvisation Label' featured a horrible mains buzz throughout and the tracks presented at completely the wrong speed and pitch. Remastered video versions had the stereo audio sync way out as a result. This show deserved to be put together using the best quality audio and video available and the errors corrected, and that's what this is.

The original broadcast on Canada's 'Super Channel' had an interview with Chris Robinson cut in between every track but this is removed here and the footage is patched with short sequences of black frames and corresponding audio for a much cleaner and truer experience.

The bonus CD is the complete show, pitch corrected and very carefully remastered to remove the earth loop. This significantly upgrades our previous release of this show.

NTSC, 33mins, Stereo LPCM Wav, Aspect: 4:3, All regions;

01. Jealous Again
02. You're Wrong
03. Seeing Things
04. Boomer's Story
05. Live Too Fast Blues/Mercy Sweet Moan
06. She Talks To Angels

53mins, Stereo;

01. Intro
02. Jealous Again
03. You're Wrong
04. Seeing Things
05. Boomer's Story
06. Live Too Fast Blues/Mercy Sweet Moan
07. She Talks To Angels
08. Thorn In My Pride
09. Darling Of The Underground Press

This has been a true labour of love and is brought to you from the nice people at Yellow Cow Records, 2014.




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