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Frontiers Rock Festival - 2014-05-01/02/03 - Milan, IT (vol 2)
(DVDfull aud-shot DL)

Artists: Night Ranger, Winger, W.E.T., John Waite, Snakecharmer,
Pretty Maids, Stryper, Tesla
Location: Live Club, Trezzo - Milano, Italy 2014-05-01, 2014-05-02, 2014-05-03

Video (vlc codec info)
Codec: MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
Resolution: 720x576
Frame rate: 25
Decoded type: Planar 4:2:0 YUV

Audio (vlc codec info)
Codec: DVD LPCM Audio (lpcm)
Channels: Stereo
Sampling rate: 48000 Hz
Bits per sample: 16

01. Night Ranger - Touch of Madness
02. Night Ranger - Sing Me Away
03. Winger - Down Incognito
04. Winger - Rat Race [Brand New Song]
05. W.E.T. - Walk Away
06. W.E.T. - Learn to Live Again
07. John Waite - When I See You Smile (Bad English cover)
08. John Waite - Saturday Night
09. John Waite - Missing You
10. Snakecharmer - Guilty as Charged
11. Snakecharmer - Here I Go Again (Whitesnake cover)
12. Pretty Maids - Mother Of All Lies
13. Pretty Maids - I See Ghosts
14. Stryper - Soldiers Under Command
15. Stryper - To Hell with the Devil
16. Tesla - I Wanna Live
17. Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy
18. Tesla - Cumin' Atcha Live

19. Frontiers Rock Festival Vol. 3 Sneak Preview

Total running time: 96 minutes

Recorded with Sony TG7
Editing/rendering with Sony Movie Studio
Authoring/DVD creation with DVD Architect

SOURCE: Audience

Menu: Yes (including track listing)

This is Volume 2 of the Frontiers Rock Festival 2014 trilogy. Apart from the bands that have already appeared in Volume 1 (Night Ranger, Winger, Pretty Maids & Stryper) we also have W.E.T. (the Work of Art, Eclipse and Talisman collaboration with Soto on lead vocals), Snakecharmer (ex Whitesnake members Micky Moody and Neil Murray along with Heartland's singer Chris Ousey), John Waite (the singer of the Babys, Bad English & successful solo artist) and Tesla the American sensation that stormed the rock scene back in the 80s/90s. If you've snatched Volume 1, then you know what to expect. It's all good, audio, video, atmosphere, the setlist, the performances, once again: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!





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