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Dwight Yoakam
Columbus Civic Center, Columbus, GA
April 3, 2016

Audio Lineage
PMD-EMC-1 sound professionals standard binaural mics (croakie/glasses mount) > Edirol R-09HR > SanDisk SD card > PC > CD Wave/Split > Flac level 8 > TLH > Torrent > You
(Edirol R-09HR settings = sample rate 44.1kHz - wav 16bit - stereo - limiter - low cut freq 100hz - input level 30 )( Raw Transfer - No Mastering or Editing or EQ )

Set list

Disc One
01. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
02. Please Please Baby
03. Little Sister
04. Streets Of Bakersfield (one verse)
05. Columbus Stockade Blues
06. It Won’t Hurt
07 Dreams Of Clay
08. Second Hand Heart
09. Ain’t That Lonely Yet
10. Liar
11. Ring of Fire
12. Nothing’s Changed Here
13. Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose
14. I'll Be Gone
15. I Sang Dixie

Disc Two
16. The Big Time
17. Always Late with Your Kisses
18. Pocket Of A Clown
19. If There Was A Way
20. Things Change
21. This Time
22. Honky Tonk Man
23. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
24. It Only Hurts When I Cry
25. Little Ways
26. Guitars, Cadillacs
27. Fast As You
encore 1
28. Peaceful Easy Feeling
29. I Feel Fine
encore 2
30. Suspicious Minds

Dwight Yoakam: guitar, vocals
Elliot Schwartzman: keyboards, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Eugene Edwards: lead guitar, vocals
Brett Simons: bass, vocals
Mitch Marine: drums

(JF 81)

Artwork provided by Eric T.(Huge Thanks ,to my friend, for his time , artwork ,and setlist contributions)

Recording notes: Front Row, Center , 1st level up off floor .Dwight's guitar mix is dominant through out the show .(Some P.A. static on I Feel Fine)
Plenty of hooting and hollars,(as expected),but that just adds to the ambience of being there.

Concert notes: Dwight cranked em out, one right after the other . Very little stops between the songs .

Personal notes: Dwight playing "Columbus Stockade Blues", was the worth the price of admission. On another note, I feel the urge,to go watch,"Sling Blade", again.

As always, please never sell this recording. I realize once it leaves my pc, I have no control of what you do with this.

enjoy the show

Dwight Yoakam - 2016-04-03 Columbus, GA flac.rar - FileFactory

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