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2 shows from 1972 and 1974

First show came to me labelled "Ijmuiden 1974" but this is very doubtful because they only play tracks from their 1972 album ("song of the marching children") and none from their 1973 "Atlantis" album. Plus the band is heard introducing : "In The Mountains from the last LP...." wich was released on "song of the marching children" in 1972. And last, I was able to find pictures of Earth and Fire live in Ijmuiden in 1972 on the official earth & Fire website. So, this should be it, a vintage early Earth & Fire show from 1972. Probably recorded from the audience, but the sound is so good...
This show is also special for the unreleased instrumental pieces, with much jammings, very unusual for this band when you think Jerney's voice was its most famous element. But hey, without Jerney's, they're still rocking ! you may even hear some ELP's influences...

There were big issues with this recording :

- speed was much too slow. Jerney, the wonderful singer, seemed to struggle to sing the right notes as if she caught bronchitis. By restoring the right speed, you can hear she was a real good live singer.

- There were so many little dropouts with the sound. Every two or three seconds, the sound went down and up very quickly, as if there was a "hole". This was probably due to damages on the original tape. I corrected every dropout, which took me hours, but the result was worth it.

Second show
is the semi official bootleg "Storm and thunder" live in Germany 1974 which was issued in 1999. Sound is also very good (claims to be soundboard but the sound is as good as the preceding 1972 concert).
Notable for the sensational extended rendition of the title track !

CD 1 : live in Ijmuiden, Nederland, 17 June 1972
1. In the mountains (3:49)
2. Storm and thunder (7:17)
3. Memories (4:03)
4. Song of the marching children (21:38)
5. From the end til the beginning (4:31)
7. Semi touch (5:13) unreleased
8. Schluuss parts 1-4 (instrumental) (21:31) unreleased

CD 2 : Live at Zur Grille, Germany, 21 March 1974
1. Atlantis theme / In the mountains / Atlantis reprise (7:06)
2. Song of the marching children (22:06)
3. Fanfare (6:21)
4. Memories (4:44)
5. Storm and thunder (8:45)

Jerney Kaagman (voice)
Chris Koerts (guitar, voice)
Gerard Koerts (organ, mellotron, piano, keyboards)
Ton Van der Kleij (drums)
Hans Ziech (bass)

MP3 @ 320 kbps
with a great high resolution cover art included

Get it here :

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I was looking for the semi-official 'storm and thunder' for quite a while. Never thought I could find it here after a flood of Elvis...

You certainly did a very good job on cleaning these recordings because they sound flawless to me.

Thanks again
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