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Earth pre-Black Sabbath - 1969-1971 - Sabbath Early Sabbath Outtakes
(Studio FLAC)

Black Sabbath
Sabbath Early Sabbath
Outtakes '69-'71
My Silvers > EAC > TLH > flac8

Earth Pre - Black Sabbath
10 The Rebel
11 When I Came Down
12 Early One Morning

Black Sabbath soundcheck on 5/25/70 at Radio Bremen Studios
13 Blue Suede Shoes

this is just 4 tracks from a Silver Boot Called Sabbath Early Sabbath - a collection of outtakes and demos, see the above for inclusion here.
#13 Blue Suede Shoes has been determined to NOT be a demo but a soundcheck from Radio Bremen 5/25/70 (SMOKES!) the rest of the tracks on the silver (see enclosed artwork for track details) I believe have been officially released on the newer re-releases of Black Sabbath's first coupld albums as bonus tracks - If I am wrong about this, please let me know and I'll go ahead and offer up the rest here
(bindershotz at TTD if you've got this torrent from elsewhere)

these are true lossless and not just snippets as a previous torrent that has made the rounds - see enclosed frequency analysis pix


Bindershotz - Aug 2014 >> TTD




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