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Hello everybody

I am selling 2 Pedals By Electro Harmonix

recently got them..but I have no use for them

1. Vintage (late 70's) Big Muff V5 NYC
It's not the NYC Replica it's the Original NYC Big Muff

The Condition is 7.5/10
It has some Scuffs and marks from years of use.
If interested I can Email Pictures
I am asking $300 But I consider ALL offers.
so feel free To barter.

2. Vintage Electro Harmonix Queen Triggered Wah.
These are Pretty hard to find.. Some consider them Prized among Electro Harmonix Pedals. The only other one For sale is a BIN on eBay for $1100.
When I had it appraised it was valued in it's current condition at $900.
These are pretty Probably won't find another one.
Again if u are interested and would like pictures. I can email them to u.

I am asking $850 Again I am. Willing to talk price on either pedal.

Also I'm willing to trade on this pedal. If u have a nice used tube Amp or Guitar. I would be Willing to do a Possible Trade Depending.

Again both are used. And if u need Pictures I WILL EMAIL THEM

thanks for you time!
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